Friday, March 17, 2006

Found It!

The camera's USB cable has been found!
You'll never guess in a million years where it was.
Go on...try.
It was in the very bottom of one of the magazine box things on my desk. It was burried under two stuffed beanie baby type lambs, a makeup case full of stitch markers and notions, the big long latch  hook thing for the loom, and three hair picks. How it got there, I do not know. That's where the slightly different usb cord that goes to my cell phone lives to keep the cats from chewing it up so maybe Steve stuffed it in there last weekend when he put the other cord away. Oh well. We can all rest easy now that the cord is home safe.
I'll free the pictures from the camera as soon as I get home tonight.
This weekend I had planned to do more yard/garden work, but the weather guy says we're getting two or three inches of rain instead so now I plan to clean house and finish up the shawls. I have just four loooooong rows of knitting left on the Charlotte's Web before I can bind off, and there are only about fifteen more nails to go on the tri-loom weaving. I think I'm gonna run out of yarn around nail ten. I may end up with a plaid shawl that has an unusual solid block right straight down the middle of the back. Oh well,'s a DESIGN ELEMENT...yeah, that's the ticket! I designed it this way for my wife...Morgan Fairchild.

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