Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I have pictures in my camera of the following things from this weekend:
~ The world's girliest/most victorian-tacky crochet scarf
~ My Square Foot Garden boxes all full of actual dirt and just about
ready to plant some lettuce, onions, carrots, broccoli, and
strawberries in next weekend.
~ My yard after the storm drains backed up. It's not a pretty sight.
~ Actual tulips that I planted back in the fall and thought those
bastard squirrels had run away with sprouting in the bed I planted
them in, but in different places than I put them. (I guess the
squirrels decided to just re-arrange things?)
~ A new package of Secret Pal 7 goodies that arrived Friday or
Saturday. (thanks pal!)
~Maybe some pics of the cats too. You'll have to wait till I find the usb cord and see.
I spent the weekend mostly doing yard work and then listening to the radio and watching the weather radar on tv waiting to see if we needed to go hide in the shower because of a tornado. We don't have a storm shelter, so we hide in the shower stall. What?
The tornadoes mostly stayed either way north or slightly south of us so we never did have to run and hide. I distracted myself by making the scary girly scarf. It's the One Skein Scarf from the new Stitch-N-Bitch Crochet book, but made with pink and black cashmere/merino yarn in a horrible/fabulously gaudy scheme. It totally
screams old west dance-hall floozie.
I also worked on the triangle loom shawl a little bit and did a couple rows on the Charlotte's Web shawl too. I just realized last night I have no good place to block that thing unless I can get the yarn room floor totally cleaned off by the time I finish. The yarn room is still pretty scary and junked up, so that is a job I'd better get after again.

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