Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Pictures! They are FREE!

First The Yarn
One Skein Scarf from Stitch-N-Bitch Crochet done in Wool Ease leftovers

One Skein Scarf a'la saloon dancing girl done in pink Cashmerino Aran and black Lion Brand Cashmere Blend

Secret Pal GOODIES! Fleece Artist sock yarn, a cute patch you can barely see, some candy, and another rockin' mix cd. Thanks Sissy LaRue!

And Now The Yard Tour
This is the front yard after the storm drains barfed up leaves all over it. ewwww!

Steve mowed all those up yesterday so now it looks decent again.

Out back, we have Red Hot Peony Sprouting Action!

We also have Yellow Tulipy Goodness!

Actually, that may not be a tulip. It might be some other bulb thing I planted there. I forget exactly what all I put out in the fall because those bastard squirrels ran off with about 80% of everything. I guess we'll see as it opens more. Right now it still looks a little green and not fully opened.

Finally, here is a shot of the Square Foot Garden area. It looks pretty much just like it did before except now there is half a bale of rotting hay and the boxes are full of dirt ready to plant.

It needs to hurry up and be mid-April already.

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