Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet

I've just been one busy lady this week. The Boy was sick with some nasty lung butter, the Garden is hating me, and I'm running off to join the Rollerderby! The Boy is all better and back to school (finally) after a weekend of spending lots of time in his room hunched over the vaporizer breathing in the menthol fumes.
Here is the story with the garden hating me: On Sunday I was ready to kick that guy Mel who writes the square foot gardening books. We went to Lowes and got all this 1/2" pvc pipe to make little greenhouse supports over each bed. That was a total pain cause the pipes are 10 feet long and had to be strapped to the roof of the car etc. etc and Steve dropped one on my toe. (ouch!)
We followed the directions in the book exactly, and ended up with a bunch of broken pipes and the garden beds still not covered. grrr. There goes $20 down the drain. I'm going to try something else this weekend. I need to get my onions and strawberries and lettuce and things planted NOW. If I do that without a way to cover everything with netting the squirrels and skunks will just dig it all back up for me. This is highly frustrating.
My friend (and fellow stitcher/bitcher) Courtney decided to start up an all-girl flat track rollerderby league in Northwest Arkansas. I love skating. I don't really care if I get bruised up a little, and I need some exercise so I ordered some new speed skates and signed up. The first meeting to organize the new league was this past Saturday. 25-30 people showed up and everyone is way excited. There are a million things to do. I'm making 1" buttons on the button press every spare minute this week plus doing research on pads and helments so there hasn't been a lot of the knitting or spinning or weaving going on.
I DID manage to finish the Noro Kureyon Charlotte's Web shawl, get it fringed, and get it blocked. I LOVE this thing. It is spectacular in it's awesomeness. I'll post pictures maybe tonight. I wonder if handknit socks will hold up to the skates.

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