Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Everything popular is wrong"

That was my quote of the day from Gmail. haha
This week I've been crazy busy with skating stuff, garden stuff, and
planning for the big SNB Arkansas Spring Fiber Arts Retreat do-hickey
that takes place next weekend. I have 17 people signed up, all the
classes have at least one student, and we're figureing out what food
to bring for our potluck Friday night dinner which could turn into
leftovers potluck Saturday lunch. haha It's gonna be fun and relaxing
for everyone I hope. This is the first big thing like this I've
organized so I'm kind of nervous about how it will turn out.
I planted some peas and broccoli in the garden, and tomorrow I hope to
get some more stuff going. I think it is pretty safe to say there will
be no more frosts till fall. We've had highs in the 80's and lows in
the 50's-60's all week. Bring on the Spring/Summer weather please. :)
While I'm making requests, someone also please make the squirrels stop
chewing the tops off my tulips. It's still going on and I'm more than
a little fed up with it.
Mostly I've just been knitting on the unfinished socks. I have three
pair of toe-up socks and the Jaywalker socks not complete. I ordered
some more size 1 dpn's so I can start ANOTHER pair of Jaywalkers too.
So yeah...warm weather equals sock knitting time over at my house.
Most of those haven't been worked on since last fall.
Rollerderby is going pretty good. My friend Candyce and I found a good
place to skate outside yesterday. There is an outdoor stage/theater
thing down by the river that has a slightly banked, polished concrete
backstage area. There were lots of little rocks, but next time I'm
bringing the pushbroom. We can skate hard up the slope then coast back
down and skate up it again. Now I just need to learn to do a running
start on my toestops and I'll be happy.

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