Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Sick

This is just about the worst time possible for me to be sick so of course I am. grrrr
This coming weekend is the SNB Arkansas Retreat in Eureka Springs. I'm teaching two classes, doing a demo, and hosting if my voice works by then. I've got super super bad allergies which led to super bad sinus crud which led to the start of an ear thing and some dizzy falling into stuff. I started Antibiotics for all this last night. I have the heavy duty allergy meds in me and I got a shot they called a "sinus
cocktail" at the doctor's office. Let's hope this gets me good to go by Friday. At least I'm not contageous, but I really really really want to be able to skate Sunday night at Rollerderby practice and I don't want to be all snotty and grossing people out at the retreat so cross your fingers for me and everyone who will have to be around me on that.
I'm just knitting on the Jaywalker socks and doing my best to breathe. Check out my flickr photostream or if you want to see pictures of the garden and the yard flowers. At least that stuff is working out OK so far. bleh.

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