Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Need To Slow Down

I am just now sort of recovered from my weekend.
The Retreat went really well. Everyone seemed like they had a good time and I broke exactly even on the rental of the place. I did spend a little extra on door prizes if you count that, but I don't cause it was stuff I already had laying around the house mostly. haha I guess this means that yes, I'll have to do it again next year.
Pictures are on the Flickr photostream, but I will add a few to this entry probably later tonight. If you can't wait then go check them out on the Flickr. Just click my badge link over there on the right, then click the link to view the photostream once you get there.
I didn't knit one stitch at the retreat. I spent all my time spinning. Now I want to spin all the time at home too, but I've been busy every night this week with Rollerderby league business so that has had to wait. Stitch n Bitch is tonight, and even though it makes people stare at me I am seriously thinking about dragging the Louet wheel down there. I bought some really pretty gray roving with just a little blue sparkley stuff in it that I want to ply with some stuff I spun up at the retreat from a roving in the "paris night" colorway. Oh, I also got myself a tensioned lazy kate so wanting to play with that probably ads to my motivation to spin something I can ply with it. haha
Sunday seriously kicked my butt. I drove two and a half hours from Eureka Springs to home, went out to lunch with Husband Boy, then came home, changed clothes, and drove an hour to derby practice and a meeting. I was still all loopy on allergy medicine and sinus stuff and antibiotics so I didn't make it all the way through practice. I had to give up once I got dizzy and saw some spots flying around. That was no fun. I hope I can do better this week. I was so frustrated with myself that after I got home I just fell over and cried. I guess I'm too old to be trying to do that kind of stuff on three or four hours of sleep.

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