Monday, July 10, 2006

Same Old Same Old

I'm still working on the Summer In Kansas Shawl. I have three more repeats of the little leaves to go before I hit the thistle pattern now. Any day I'll be there.
Meanwhile, I'm also working on boring socks once in a while and still formulating a plan on where to put all the non-yarn and craft related things that have accumulated in the yarn room. It's scary how fast junk gets piled up in there!

The poor garden has almost died. A Raccoon or something tore up the tomatoes. The peppers look pathetic, and the squash has stopped squishing. The cucumbers and okra struggle valiantly on, but only the watermelon looks happy. Everything else looks sunburnt, sad, and thirsty. I won't humiliate the plants by posting pictures of them in this state. Next year I'm setting up a better irrigation system, and I'm building a wire cage over each square to keep the pesky bunnies and Raccoons out. Enough with this stupid plastic fence that didn't stop anything. This is war.
The Tomatoes and Peppers in happier times

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