Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Vacation Can't Start Soon Enough

My vacation starts Friday. I have two days of 100+ degree (F) heat to get through first. Bleh.
We are going to Texas, a teensy bit of New Mexico, and mostly Colorado. There is no real plan other than to be in Dallas around 11AM on Saturday to drop Ian off for a visit with his Dad, then head towards Amarillo, and hopefully get there before dinnertime. Sunday we leave for New Mexico and probably on into Colorado, but I don't know where exactly or when we'll be anywhere. The rest of the week we're just driving around all over the place. I'm bringing the camera and Steve is bringing his laptop so there will be blogging from the road when we stay in hotels or can get decent wi-fi reception somewhere. Part of the time we'll be camping and stuff.
I'm trying to decide on travel knitting. I guess I'll probably just bring some socks. They're small and I don't need a pattern so they'll fit in a ziplock baggie no problem. I kind of want to bring the Summer In Kansas shawl too, but now that I've started the new lace pattern area I have to have the instructions with me at all times, and I have to not have people talking to me or I'll screw something up. Maybe I will just leave that at home. Yeah, expect some sock pictures.
Oh, my Knitpicks interchangable needle set came in the mail on Monday. Hell YES. They are as awesome as everyone says they are. FINALLY, an interchangable set that doesn't make me all paranoid it'll come apart! Now if only they'd come out with a 16in cable. I ordered an extra pack of the three section pockets for the binder, then labeled them with the needle tip sizes and stored those all in there. I also labeled the two-pocket area for the cords and put those in that area. I feel so organized. How long will that last? haha

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