Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Secret Pal Goodies
I got perfectly timed chocolate sticks - perfectly timed cause I needed me some chocolate when they arrived haha, a fun movie, a book I've been meaning to read, some needles, and some also perfectly timed hand cream - I use that same brand regularly and was almost out. Thanks Secret Pal person!

In other news, stuff continues to arrive at the shop. I continue to leave the boxes sealed because I don't have the computer set up to receive stuff yet and I don't want to have to take it off the shelves once I put it up, plus I don't really have enough shelves for it all right now. BUT, when those Jordana Paige bags got here today I tore that box right open and picked out the one I'm keeping for my very own. (As soon as the POS and merchant service stuff is set up this will be my first test sale - Yes, I'm selling my first thing to myself. That isn't bad luck or anything, right? I hope not.) I thought I wanted the red until I saw the Graphite. It perfectly matches my Sparkly Pirate Wallet. Check it out:

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