Friday, May 11, 2007

Maybe I've Been Sniffing Too Much Spackle...

I had the BEST idea yesterday! OK, I just got the 200 ripple stitch patterns book because I'm obsessed with crocheting a ripple afghan now. This is the idea I had while looking at the book: I'm going to make an afghan using all the worsted and near-worsted weight yarns that are in the opening inventory for the store. Most of the yarn doesn't come with swatches, and I'm crazy about wanting to have a swatch of most things for people to see so what I'll do is pick one ball of each yarn in colors that will all work together, make swatches out of those to keep for the store, then use the leftovers to make the afghan. That way there is a knitted swatch and a crochet sample too for as long as I leave the afghan down there plus when I'm 100 years old in the nursing home I'll have this afghan to remind me of the time I decided to spend my life savings on opening a yarn store.
Oh, by the way...we have some shelves down there now:
Ahna helped me put one of the IKEA shelves together. DANG it was a pain trying to get all those little pegs to line up and stay together. 2 more to go, but I have to wait until I'm done filling in holes and touching up the paint on the walls or it'll be a big mess.

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