Friday, May 04, 2007

Working working working...

I've just been working on the yarn store stuff and not knitting much except that one Boku shop sample that you've all seen already so I won't inflict that upon you again.
I did all the ordering this week, and I updated the website to reflect everything that should be on it's way so you can go take a look at that if you want to see what I've been up to. ( )
Tomorrow we go on the big IKEA trip to get shelves for the store. IKEA is about three or four hours from my house. I hope it doesn't rain on us. I'd better pack a tarp or two just in case. I'll take some pictures so the blog can be less boring for you guys to look at. haha
Oh, and my Secret Pal person from SP10 says she's sending me a package soon-ish so there will be that to see.
I'm really starting to get the urge to crochet myself a ripple throw after seeing this over at the no end in site ripple along blog. I need to control the urge until I get the store a little more put together, but once that is done you just look out cause I'm gonna crochet me some ripples.

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