Thursday, October 07, 2004

I must be a really slow knitter. I worked on a Klaralund body section last night from 7-10 while watching Lost and Law & Order SVU and regular Law & Order. That's 3 hours of knitting and I only had about six inches of 22in wide stockinette to show for it! (I'm starting to think I should take this down the street to my neighbor the machine knitting lady's house, but that would be cheating.) So far I have a nice Klaralund sleeve and I guess about 1/4 of a front or back. I'm starting to get bored working on it, but then I see all the nice finished ones at the yahoo group and that makes me want to finish it soon. I'll keep working on it for at least an hour a day and maybe it'll be done before xmas.
I haven't been spinning very much. I feel like I need at least an hour or so to sit down with it, but I can't seem to find the time. The wheel is in the sewing room which has no tv. I have lots of tv watching that I do in the evenings and knitting that I do while I watch the tv. I can't haul the wheel out to the room with the tv in it because I have cats that will no doubt become fascinated and fling themselves at the moving I still need to really pay attention while I spin and I can't do that while watching shows.
I'm off work all day tomorrow and the weekend. It's supposed to rain a lot so hopefully I can finish spinning up a skein or two and play around with the kool-aid dying. That's the plan anyway. Look forward to pictures if that happens :)

Tomorrow my friend Candy and I are going to Fayetteville to the yarn store there and to Target. Sadly, we have no Target and no real yarn store here in Ft. Smith. Supposedly there are plans for both in the next couple of years, but I'm not holding my breath. The lady who is talking about opening a yarn store does the knitting classes at Hobby Lobby and seems like kind of a kook. I can't imagine a bank giving her a business loan. Who knows though maybe she's got savings for it or something. I'd try to open one myself if Husband Boy had a reliable job to pay all the household bills. Ahh some day!

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