Monday, October 18, 2004

This weekend Husband Boy and I went to Petit Jean State Park. On the way we tried to visit a yarn store in the little town of Ola. I was interested in going there because they are the only Schaefer Yarn stockist in this area and because well, I'm always interested in seeing a new yarn store.
Unfortunately it was closed, but I got some pictures of the main street, the shop window, and the front door signs. The one there just above the red ribbon reads "no shirt, no shoes, no service!" I guess shirtless, shoeless people trying to buy Red Heart yarn is a problem in Ola.
I got lots of knitting done in the hotel Saturday night and on Friday while waiting for my Mom to come out of the doctor's office. Klaralund is now officially half done! I have a back and a sleeve. (sorry, no pics of that today) I'm casting on for the other sleeve tonight. I also recently finished off Pierre Le Pug's doggie sweater, but haven't been able to drop it off yet. There are plans for me to go up to Fayetteville sometime at the end of this week so I'll have pics of him modeling the finished product then. I've sucked another person into the Arkansas Knitting friend Michelle (Pierre's owner) has started work on her first scarf. I'm going to show her how to fringe the scarf and take her to the LYS.
OK, must go do actual work now.
If you're interested, the rest of the non-knitting pics from the state park trip are here.

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Anonymous said...

love those park pics! and can't wait to see that klaralund!