Sunday, October 31, 2004

FO Pix

This is my kitty bed that I made for Petfinders. It's off in the mail..yay!

This is Cassie in her new poncho! I'm glad I didn't frog it. The crochet edging and the fringe really made it straighten up. whew!


Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous! Oh my! Oh well. I guess I can just type who I am at the end of the comment.

The boring comment that really was only going to say it does look just fine. Good even. Not frogging was definitely the way to go.


Elabeth said...

Yep, thank goodness for not frogging it. :)

Jenifer said...

Great kitty bed, Elabeth! I love the purled row, it looks really nice. :) True to being a last-minute-knitter, I need to start mine TODAY. Take care,