Monday, October 25, 2004

Poncho Problem

I spent most of the weekend working on A Very
Harlot Poncho
for my niece Cassie. I almost finished it too. It
just needs crochet edging and some fringe. It's doing a weird thing
though. The front line of eyelets will be straight and the line down
the back ends up crooked. I counted stitches and it's totally
symmetrical. Maybe blocking will solve the issue, but did anyone else
have this problem? Did I cast on too few stitches to start with and
the shoulder area is too small so it's stretching funny? It looks ok
laying flat. It just doesn't line up when it's on. She doesn't care
and loves it anyway so I guess I shouldn't care either, but it's
bothering me. Oh well. I'll get some pics once the fringe is on
Tonight I need to finish my kitty bed for Petfinders so I can get that
mailed off this week then it's back to work on Klaralund and after
that I'm starting a fake Ab-Fab Throw for my sister's birthday. Sorry
I'm a really boring knitter this week. I'll make up for it with
pictures tomorrow!

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