Monday, October 11, 2004

YAY for ebay! I got a copy of "Spinning Wool Basics and Beyond" on vhs for $10 cheaper than retail including the shipping. So that should help me out with the spinning technique.
I feel like I make decent yarn now, but I haven't tried to spin anything smaller than worsted weight and haven't tried to ply anything yet. I'm wishing I had more time to do it, but it seems like every time I get going something comes up that interrupts me. I guess this happens with the knitting too, but its not as big a deal to put down the knitting as it is to stop the spinning then leave and come back to try to get into it again. It's looking like I may be off work every friday this month, so maybe that will give me some time.
This weekend I got one full bobbin of decent yarn and half a bobbin of questionable yarn spun. I ended up not dying anything yet because if I'm going to make a mess I figure I'll wait and make a BIG mess. Plus it was rainy and humid and I was afraid it would take forever to dry whatever I did.
Mostly I ended up knitting on Klaralund. I got another few inches on the body finished. The plan is to do another sleeve next, then the rest of the body. Everyone keeps calling this a quick knit but it seems to be taking me FOREVER plus 4 days. (Of course I can't always get in an hour a day of uninterrupted knitting much less the 3-4 hours a day I know some people manage.)
Friday I went to the not so local yarn store in Fayetteville as planned. They had a bunch of Collinette Point 5 which made me feel a little better about my thick and thin spun accidents. I ended up getting four more balls of keuryon in color 52 which I'll put with the 10 in my stash and it may turn into Butterfly unless I see another pattern I like better between now and the time I finish Klaralund.

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