Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy Knitaversary To Me

Today is the one year anniversary of the day I learned to knit. I had tried for years to figure it out from poorly illustrated "You Can Knit!" booklets and things, but it didn't click in my head until last year when I found some videos online that I could follow along to.
According to TKGA these are the different levels of knitting skill:

Must be able to cast on, bind off, work simple increases, decreases, cables, yarn overs; must be able to follow simple written instructions; must know Garter, Stockinette stitch and basic ribbing stitches.
Must be able to do all the skills listed in the Advanced Beginner level as well as be able to work in the round using circular needles and double-pointed needles. Should also know how to work with two or more colors while using circular and double-pointed needles; must be able to pick up stitches for necklines and sleeves and correct errors in knitting; must be proficient in argyle (intarsia) knitting, complex cables and yarn-over patterns; must be able to work simple seaming and finishing techniques and follow pattern instructions for garments.
Must know how to do all intermediate level skills as well as draft and make pattern adjustments to basic patterns, make style changes, knit in a hem, work Fair Isle and stranded knitting; work pocket and border trims with ease (including sewing in a zipper) and work complex knitting patterns.

I would say that by those rules I'm an Intermediate Knitter, but only because I've never had a desire to do fair isle, I've never wanted to make anything with a pocket, and so far no zippers. I feel like I could probably do all of those things If I wanted to though. I'm not afraid of anything knitting related. I don't understand people who are afraid to try something new in general and especially knit-related things because if you screw up, hey just rip it out, rewind your ball of yarn, and try again.
With that in mind, I haven't really knit anything project related in two days. I've been practicing different cast-ons and bind-offs and swatching lace patterns then ripping them out again. I kick ass at long-tail cast on now. Up to this point I've just been using a knitted-on cast on for everything. Mostly it was working, but it was just too darn un-stretchy for lace. I tend to find my favorite method of doing things and stick with it until it doesn't work for a particular application. I'm lazy like that.
The pink sock is almost up to heel turning length. I ordered some size 2 circular addis from someone on ebay. I'm thinking of starting the second sock on those, then working on it until they are both ready for heels, and alternating work on each sock until they are both finished. Either that or one can be my at home sock and the other can be my carry around with me and work on it when I have to wait for stuff sock.
The big fuzzy black rectangle needs a fitting so I know when I can stop. I think if it was for me I would have stopped it already, but I'm really short and Julia (the person this poncho has to fit) is really tall so I have no idea without a fitting. Fortunately, Julia is going to the movies with me on Sunday so I can corner her with a measuring tape in the parking lot or maybe lure her back to the house and make her hold it up.
Oh, that Iris picture I posted here the other day has won me an umbrella and a single use camera. I sent it in to the local news station's "seasonal snapshots" contest. I'm told they showed it on Tuesday while I was at Stitch N Bitch and they really laughed it up about my name being Elizabeth Taylor. I hate when people do that shit, but oh well. I'm also in a drawing now for a really nice video camera to be given away at the end of the month. The other picture (the one with the chlymidias har har) was sent in to another local tv show's photo contest. I won't know about it until Saturday night. Wish me luck.

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