Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The pink sock has a heel and about five rows of leg. yay!
Klaralund has it's second sleeve finished and about three inches of it's second body section. yay!
I had a migraine yesterday :( booo!
I still haven't gotten Julia to check the length on her poncho yet. (big fuzzy black rectangle thing)
My friend Candy recovered a knitting/sewing stand thing for me. It looks fab.
She tried to teach me how to play Canasta, but there are too many rules to learn while freezing your ass off at a skating rink snack bar and getting interruped by phone calls every ten minutes.
I tried to knit the branching out scarf from the new knitty, but I can't find a yarn in the stash that doesn't end up looking too chunky or too fuzzy or just somehow wrong. I really wanted one of the greens I had to work, but oh well. The Koigu looked pretty spiffy, but the resulting scarf came out too narrow for me. Forget that for a while.
The new addi ebay needles showed up, but turns out they sent me 2mm instead of US size 2 (I double checked the auction to make sure it wasn't just my stupid mistake, and it isnt. The auction clearly states US size 2.) I don't currently have any sock yarn that likes size 0 needles. I'm a pretty tight knitter, so that ends up being really stiff fabric for me. Oh well. I sent an email asking about an exchange, but have yet to hear back from the seller.
I haven't taken pictures of anything.
I need to send the person I'm the secret pal of something else for April. I sent her an amazon gift certificate and e-card for March, which Amazon says she picked up but I haven't heard a peep from her in the email or on her blog. I hope she didn't fall off the face of the planet.
I planted more bulbs and put a net over them this time, but the sneaky squirrel bastards still chewed through it and dug them up. Once again I hope they choke. That is all.

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