Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I finished the second sock! YAY! No picture yet, but it looks just like the first one so use your imagination.
I already started another toe-up sock. These socks are going to take much longer than the three days the previous socks took. I'm using actual sock yarn instead of big fat rowan cork- knitpicks sock garden "Stargazer Lilly", which is mostly pinks...size 2 needles. So far the toe looks like a little pink yarn vagina. I am not making that up. I swear. Wait till you see it. You'll say, "Oh, my! Elabeth was right. That DOES look just like a little pink yarn vagina."
I'm being hateful to all the WIP's listed there at the right of this page. I haven't been working on any of them. Nevermind the order I said I'd finish them in. I just can't seem to want to sit down and work on any of them. The poncho is so big now that it is like an afghan, and my legs get all hot having it in my lap so that sucks. The Cheap-Fab has the same issues, and then the scarves are just plain boring. I do occasionally think about working on Klaralund just so I can have it finished, but I wouldn't be able to wear it till next fall at the earliest, and the sock urge has been so strong that resistance has been futile. mmmm socks...mmmm Oh, where was I? Yeah, so I haven't been doing much non-sock knitting this week.

Garden Stuff
Still no progress. It keeps raining on days when I'm not sick so the yard still looks like crap. I'm hoping to not be sick or rained upon this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me and all that.

I ordered a bunch of fabric from Reprodepot last week. I really shouldn't have because my check this week is going to be tiny due to being off for inventory and things, but stuff was on sale so I did anyway. Everything I ordered is destined to be made into bags like the one I posted here with the wooden handles. I plan on adding a small pocket to the lining because as I use the first one I made I have noticed that my keys tend to get lost in it. I tote this thing around as a purse/project bag/catch-all tote. Other people may not need a pocket but whatever. It doesn't really add any cost to the bag so I'm sticking one on.
Please Answer This One Question
Speaking of cost, I really do want to know how much you'd be willing to pay for a bag like that or how much you think people would be willing to pay. This in no way obligates you to buy one from me. I just want to know if you saw one hanging in the yarn store how much would you think the price tag said before you looked at it? What price would make you think, "ohh that's not bad!" and how much would be on the low end of "WTF?? She has some nerve trying to charge that much for a bag like that!" For the purposes of this question, pretend the bag is put together in some color/pattern combo that you really like/matches your shoes/rocks your socks etc.

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