Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ohhh Chocolate!

Yesterday I got my final SP4 package from my wonderful Secret Pal Jessica!

HOLY CRAP that was some good chocolate! I need to find a local source for that ASAP. haha. The yarn is also fabulous, and I think the patterns in that book will keep me busy dreaming for a while. I don't know if I'd ever make any of those sweaters or hats, but I'll for sure use the cable patterns in something someday. (The name of the book is "Viking Patterns For Knitting". I guess I was a little excited about the chocolate there in the center so I cut it off. haha)
I've already signed up for Secret Pal 5, and you should too!

Nothing much else is going on. I am close to being done with the StitchDiva Celebrity Shawl. I have a little ways more to go on the first pink sock, and no I don't have any good pictures of either one.
I spent the weekend trying not to be bitter about Maryland Sheep & Wool, cleaning up cat pee (Bungee decided it was great fun to stick his front feet in the water dish and pee all over the floor several times. WTF??), and working on that shawl.
Yesterday I stalked a wacky street preacher man for my own amusement (see photos on my Livejournal) and I bought these awesome day after Mother's Day discount flowers:

$3.50, I kid you not.
The rest of the day was spent in a chocolate coma once that SP package arrived. YUM!

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