Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ohhh Surprises!

For anyone who doesn't know, Knitty's Spring Surprises are up.
Miranda, you have to make this baby sweater now! I'm doing it as soon as I finish that stupid Klaralund. I'm halfway up the last front/back bit now since I knitted on it all the way through last night's 2-hour Alias. I'll try to work on it some more tonight during the big 2-hour Tarentino-directed CSI too, but I can't promise anything. haha
I'm looking for something to do tomorrow. If I had more loot I'd go to Fayetteville to the yarn store, but once I paid for the gas to get me there I'd be broke so I guess I'd best stay home. Hopefully next week will be a full work week and my money situation will return to normal.

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