Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I took pictures of the sock and the Celebrity Shawl and some more garden things the other day, but they are all still trapped in the camera. I'm a bad knitblogger this week, I know. I've been reading everyone's fun Harlot Tour posts and living vicariously through you. haha Soon I'll be reading your Maryland Sheep & Wool fest posts and living through those.(Just so you know and can make them appropriately exciting/full of pictures for my reading enjoyment.)
Seriously, there isn't much news around my house knitwise. I've just been crocheting on that Stitchdiva shawl (finish it in a weekend, my ASS!) and occasionally the pink sock. Pink sock got a lot of work done on it Friday since I spent pretty much the entire day in waiting areas. I took the car for an oil change and tire rotation. That took an hour, then they said that my front tires were worn out and I needed an alignment, which they didn't do at the oil change place so I had to go home, call my tire guys to warn them I was coming, then go wait another hour there while they put two new tires on the front and put the rotated back tires back on the back. (No alignment for me because alignment guy was booked solid, so I had to bring the car back for that yesterday.)
Friday was also the annual trip to the Fortune Teller Lady who lives out in the boonies near Mountainburg. I worked on the sock in her waiting area too. I've been going to her for the last three or four years, and she is creepy in her rightness sometimes. Last year she said my Mom would be in the hospital for some surgery but would be ok and she'd be glad she'd had it done. At the time we weren't thinking there would be anything like that, but a few months later Mom was having surgery on her foot. She also told me my Grandma was going to die the year she did when she didn't even seem to be sick at the time of the reading. This fortune teller lady pulls no punches. She'll tell you the really shitty stuff is coming, but she doesn't try to get you to come back more often than once a year either. This year I get some financial difficulty that I can overcome if I get creative, I might be moving, (though I doubt it), and If my Mom has a yard sale it'll go over really well. She also said Husband Boy will have to wait 8 months max. before his job starts really paying off, and that I should make more of those purses with the wood handles and sell them. That last bit was more personal than part of the reading. She just really liked my purse. haha I think I might make her one if I find some fabric with tarot cards or stars or something on it. She'd get a kick out of that.
Mountain Climbing Stuff
OK, I now have 12-13 weeks to get ready. Have I lost any weight? No. Have I built up any kind of walking endurance? No.
What have I done? Diddly Squat...I keep getting sick. I've walked on the treadmill maybe three times and gone for one bike ride around the neighborhood. Each time I got sick the next day. I still weigh 158 and my knees still hurt when I climb stairs. My ear hurts right now and my balance is off but I swear I'm getting up at 6AM tomorrow and walking on that stupid treadmill. Steve is now up to walking 20 miles while wearing a 20 pound backpack once a week and 10-15 miles with no pack the rest of the week. I suck. I told him he might need to start upping the weight on that pack till it weighs 158 and then he can just tote me. He said no, he will just start putting more and more sock yarn and a folding chair in there so I will have something to do until he gets back when he ditches me on the trail. I feel the love.

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