Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well, I finished the StitchDiva Celebrity Shawl, and boy is that sucker HUGE! Pictures to come as soon as I figure out if I want fringe or not. I'm kind of afraid fringe won't be managable because I'm so darn short, but we'll see.
I haven't been working on much else. I still need to bind off the pink sock, and I started a new sock over the weekend when we went to the Rennaissance Fair in Muskogee. It was kind of nice to sit in the shade listening to the storyteller man and knit on my sock toe.
I've been kind of a lazy knitter lately. I could probably finish Klaralund in a few days if I worked at it, but I haven't. I keep wanting to start new things...must resist....must resist...ugh.

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