Thursday, May 26, 2005

World Wide Knit In Public Day

You may have noticed the somewhat seizure-inducing blinky button up at the right there. Click it. June 11th is a Saturday. I'm off work that day so I'll be knitting in public all over the place. Come join me! I have no organized plan on where to go to do this, so I'm open to suggestions. Heck, I might even make flyers. Who knows?

In Other News...
There will be pictures here this evening. (I know you're so excited you may pee on the rug at any moment in anticipation...its ok)
There won't be a lot of knitting going on here this weekend. Saturday I'm going to look at my friend Geoff's new house. He's an actual home owner now. I'm so proud! I have to help him haul things from stores like Lowes and Wal-Mart because he has a teensy car. I'm also going to show him how to fix up and care for his new house's old hardwood floors. There may be a small bit of sock knitting that goes on Saturday, but don't look for anything spectacular.
Sunday I have to clean out my own old house. When we moved to the fabulous new place about a year and a half ago I left all my old and non-essential junk in the old place. It has just been sitting there being my wasteful storage shed for all this time instead of earning me $$ because it has a few aesthetic and plumbing issues I haven't yet taken care of. Well, I think I've found myself a tenent willing to do the work in exchange for a couple months of free rent so I'm clearing it out this weekend. Sunday is heavy lifting day and Monday is for cleaning.
Wish me luck! I'm askeered of the ten different varieties of spiders and scorpions that surely must have taken up residence in there by now.
Back later with the pictures.

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