Thursday, October 20, 2005

First the Spinning...
I ordered a Woolee Winder for my Louet S51 today. I wish it could get here like NOW. haha I'm too impatient. The only part of spinning I don't particularly like is moving the yarn back and forth from hook to hook so it fills the bobbin up all even-like so I figure if I'm going to do this I should go ahead and throw in the cash to make it 100% fun. Right? See, I knew you'd agree.
Oh, and if you have a Louet or similar wheel and you didn't have a Babe first so you don't know this trick, I'm gonna tell you something now that will freak you right out. Go to the store and buy some stick-on velcro dots. Take one of the toothy ones and stick that sucker on the wood directly below the orifice. Now when you're in the middle of spinning something and you have to jump up to go to the bathroom or answer the door or get yourself a drink or whatever you can park your in-process chunk of yarn on the dot. This way the twist stays held. It doesn't unravel or spin back on itself and try to crawl up onto the bobbin so you curse and have to set it back up again. It just hangs there patiently waiting for you to come back. It's also a good idea to slap a toothy dot on every bobbin you own. Put it down where you tie your leader on and you'll never have that frustrating moment of the leader just spinning around and around the shaft of the bobbin instead of winding on ever again.
Then the Knitting... 
Tonight is SNB night and unfortunately I still haven't finished Mom's socks so those are going with me and the dreaded lacy baby blanket for if I finish the socks while I'm there. I think I haven't been knitting the last few days partly because I don't want to work on the baby blanket and if I knit on anything else I feel kind of guilty like I SHOULD be using the time to finish that blanket before the baby shows up in a couple weeks. I could possibly wait because it's still like 75-90 degrees here all the stinkin time and the baby won't NEED the blanket for probably another month-ish, but we all know that's just my procrastination gene talking.

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