Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm Back Home

I'm home from the Okiefiber Slumber Party! I had a really nice time and met lots of really nice people who's names I will sadly forget go with their faces. I'm a goober like that. Hi to Ruth & Lara, who provided me with my first experience of people coming up to me, recognizing me, and saying "I read your blog!" I'm sorry if I seemed a little weird, but I was fixing to go start my class and that was just wild. It was really great to meet everyone.
I'll take some pictures of the things I got and the yarn I spun in my Spinning Novelty Yarns class tomorrow. (corespun, cabled, marled, and some confetti thing. I was supposed to do another one but the corespun turned out so good I just sat there petting it during that part of class. I told you I'm a goober.)
Meanwhile, HERE are some pictures from the retreat itself. It looks like there weren't many people there, but there were at least 30 of us. That room was really really big. Also I kept just taking pictures of people way across the room from me. So people sitting on my side of the room were totally safe from my lens. Maybe someone else will post some pics and I can show you those too later this week.
Right now I'm going to bed. I'm sooo tired I could just fall right over.

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