Sunday, October 02, 2005

Baby Stuff

This week's knitting time has been more or less devoted to the Baby Blanket. It's almost half done now:

I'm feeling really optimistic about finishing it before the baby gets here in about a month. I also made some booties, as you can see up there in the photo. Want a closer look?

One of them looks bigger than the other one because that's the first one and it got passed around and played with a little too much. haha I expect it to pop back into shape when it gets washed.
I think despite the evidence (booties!) I almost have my startitis under control.
SNB & OkieFiber Sleepover
I WILL be at SNB on Thursday this week. I missed last week due to a stupid migraine headache and the week before because I got too hot at work and almost passed out. ugh.
On Friday I will be driving 3 or 4 hours to El-Reno, Oklahoma for the Okiefiber Slumber Party retreat. I'm driving alone :( because I guess everyone else had other junk to do and because I can't convince Husband Boy he could find anything else to do in El-Reno while I'm at the fairgrounds. haha I'll be back Saturday evening sometime with pictures :)

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