Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

We had 120 Trick-or-Treaters.
We ran out of candy.
That has never happened to me before. I need to remember to stock up next year. Speaking of stocking up, I'm about fixed for laceweight merino thanks to my Not So Secretive Pal Heather. Everyone knows that the BEST part of Secret Pal swaps for me is when my pal slips up and I get to find out who she is before the end. YAY! I'm pretty sure that the person I'm spoiling already figured out who I am due to a stupid mistake I made right off the bat, but oh well. So anyway Just look at this:

Here is a closer shot of the laceweight stuff to show you the color better:

It's sort of an eggplant color and soooo soft. That's a MILE of yarn there people. There is also the cute and funny book, and some dye it yourself sock weight yarn that I think I'm going to use to experiment with crock-pot dying. I actually SQUEALED in the post office when I opened the package, which caused the little post office man to look at me funny and ask if I was ok when I saw the yarns. LOL Thanks Heather!

Well, the WooLee Winder for the Louet S51 got here and I spun some with it on the weekend. I keep thinking I need to stop to change hooks still, but other than that and a few pulling too hard issues that I think I've got all worked out it spins like a dream. Here is some stuff I spun while I was getting the kinks worked out:

I'll finish out this bobbin and then do another one and ply them sometime this week.

I have nothing fun to show you. I did a few more repeats on the baby blanket, but I'm STILL not done. I need to work on only that this week, but I want to finish that kittyville hat for my friend Rachel, and it just needs ears. Maybe that first, then the blanket, then some more socks? I give up trying to plan anything. haha

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