Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I'm almost done with my first Klaralund sleeve! I'm doing the body next just so I can be finished with more of it faster. This sleeve took forever.
Looking at all the pictures of finished Klaralunds that people are posting, I think I'll make the body of mine a little longer since horizontal stripes hitting me at the hipbone isn't something I think is gonna look so hot. I also decided for sure that this first one will be a pullover, and I'll do a cardigan version later with the different yarn.
I don't think this is going to take all 14 of the balls of silk garden. It's looking like two for each sleeve maybe and then three for the front and three for the back so yay there will be silk garden leftovers.
Not much other knitting is going on. I still have way too many projects going and way too many plans for other things I want to make and way too little time to work on them all. Oh well.
Stitch N Bitch last night was pretty fun. Candy came to learn to knit and she's going to keep coming back every week now (I hope) so that'll be nice. A little old lady told me I looked cute while I was waiting to get my drink. She said her Mom used to make her wear pants under her dresses while she waited for the school bus back in the 40's and then she thought it was horrible but now she thinks it looks really cute. lol I said thanks. I wear capri length jeans or rolled up men's pants under short summer dresses a lot of the time lately. I guess it's nice to know not everyone thinks I look like a bag lady. :)
Oh, and we had a lurker. This one lady came into the room we were using and sat near us but didn't knit and didn't talk to us until we were all leaving. She came up to me and Sarah and said that she was there every Tuesday waiting for her daughter to get out of dance class at the studio in the same shopping area that the coffee place is in, and that she is having to read a book for some work-related thing, but that when she finishes it she might find her knitting needles and come knit with us instead of reading. She said she liked to sit close to us and eavesdrop for now. Ok lady, whatever floats your boat.

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