Sunday, September 05, 2004

Ok, So here is the baby picture I told you to expect:

That is my son's sister Rockett. Isn't she cute? She's only 4 months old so she doesn't knit, but I spent part of yesterday teaching her Mom how to knit and purl, and I gave her a cute little hat made from some super chunky superwash yarn I had laying around in the stash.
With all the excitment of the Birthday Weekend I didn't have too much time to knit beyond the lessons and the hat and the tragedy of the 25mm poncho.
Here is my sleeve so far:

Not too much. I'm going to get down to some serious Klaralunding next week.
25mm Poncho
Oh God...I left my almost done second side to the poncho laying on the couch and Miss Kitty Fantastico decided it would be fun to play with. UGH! several stitches came off the needles and unraveled all the way down. It's so loose-knit that I couldn't pick them back up and had to frog it all the way back to nothing. I started over:

I'm back up almost to where I was now..that was taken yesterday, but no serious Klaralunding is going on till I finish this thing. Poncho poncho poncho...yep.

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