Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Tonight at SNB I get to bind off the sleeve of doom and then cast on for Klaralund Body Section #1.
I didn't do that last night because I was too busy making some really horrible thick and thin yarn. I'm having issues with getting it to take up onto the bobbin fast enough. I guess I need to adjust the brake and it'll all work itself out, but I'm also getting too much twist in the yarn so I have to spin slowly to avoid that and the slowness gives me take-up issues. At first I was trying to draft too much fiber at a time, but I think I have that part mostly worked out. The little half-bobbin I spun is strong and usable at least. I'll just call it a novelty yarn. Oh well...practice making perfect and all that jazz.
The Babe wheel was super easy to put together and get started. The instruction booklet it comes with leaves a lot to be desired though. I had to dig into the other book I bought (see yesterday's entry), which is awesome and has a good troubleshooting section. So yeah, if you get one of these wheels to learn with you'll need another book or someone to teach you.
I did especially like the little bits of velcro they put on the bobbins to make starting a new one that much easier and I didn't have any trouble with the whole thing trying to slide forward or move around on the floor as I was using it like some people say they do with lighter wheels.

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