Friday, September 03, 2004

Well, I've been Klaralunding along but not as fast as I'd hoped. I alternated between my sleeve and the other side of the 25mm poncho last night. Got a few more inches up the sleeve and almost finished the poncho before I got so sleepy I had to stop. I must have had a busy day yesterday since it was only about 10:30 when I crashed out. lol
Tonight I have to clean like a madwoman because my Son's Dad James, Stepmom Anita, and 4 month old Sister Rockett will be at our house for the weekend. (oooohhhh! a baby head to sniff! Expect baby pictures here Monday if not sooner.) The guest bathroom is in a horrible state. It's been being used for kitty wrestling matches since the last time anyone stayed over. (Bathtub full of cat hair..ewww!)
Anita is trying to learn to knit, but says she hasn't made much progress since Ian and I visited them in St. Louis back in May. She's a crochet girl like I was before I started the knitting, so I know how hard it is to get your hands used to not having a hook on the end of your needle. It took me 7 years off and on to figure it out. Hopefully we can get her doing some garter stitch before she goes home on Sunday.
I want a secret pal! :( Everyone got in on this thing and I didn't even know where to sign up till it was too late. phooey.

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