Friday, September 10, 2004


I'm not even finished with the first sleeve of Klaralund yet and I'm already thinking of going off on a different tangent and turning it into a cardigan. I figure I'm going to have to wear a shirt under it all the time because the material is so thin and vaguely itchy so why not just make it an open front with one button or an i-cord tie there at the V of the neck? Maybe make the body a little longer and add some extra garter stitch edges down the front? Why not?
Of course this leads into, why not just make it out of that black worsted in the stash? (Hahaha I always end up with a black sweater.) Probably what I'll do is go ahead and finish Klaralund pretty much as written..make the body a little longer because I don't like how the giant sleeves look with the body that short, but otherwise knit it as written. Then, I'll get out the black yarn (or that "northern lights" dark purpley superwash!) and make a cardigan based on the same pattern but a little different...less thin for one thing, and give the sleeves some shape.
So if I do this is it a new pattern? Is Klaralund now a "type" of sweater construction like a raglan? Could I get away with calling that my pattern because the measurements are different on the body and sleeves are shaped, its a cardi not a pullover, and the yarn is different? Maybe. Would I? Probably not.

The knitting bag design and construction is going pretty well. I might have a few up on the site to sell week after next if we get our accounts open so I can set up the paypal shopping cart. I'm really loving the fabric colors and the way they look all put together.

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