Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Let The Klaralunding Begin!

Klaralund starts today!
I'm a little freaked by how wide the sleeve looks. I've checked my gauge several times, and I'm right on the money so I guess I'll just have to trust the designer and go ahead. If this one turns out ok I'm thinking of making another in a different yarn. I can't wait to get home so I can work on it.

Big Needle Poncho
I finished half the 25mm needle poncho last night at SNB. I decided to do it in two blocks and sew them together instead of just one long block with a fold so it's not done yet. It looks pretty freaky, and I am not at all sure it won't stretch way out of shape while I'm wearing it, but hey, $5 in yarn and it has been really fun to knit. There were some little girls at the coffee shop last night watching us. I think the giant green and blue needles freaked them out. The ladies said I looked like I was knitting with giant crayons.LOL

Knitbag Designs
I've got five designs so far. Two different handle variations in large and small, and a tote. I am going to screen print something on the totes because the material for them is just plain black, but I don't know what yet. Maybe just a logo? I need to come up with one of those.
I sent off for advertising information from Interweave Press and from Vogue Knitting. I'm kind of afraid to find out how much it costs to place an ad. I think it's probably pretty pricy. I know that I look through the ads in each issue and visit websites for products that look interesting. I'm betting other knitters do the same so it could totally be worth whatever the cost is. I'm also going to look into getting ads in Readymade and possibly another crafty type mag. I also need to see about getting tables at convention type gatherings and festivals and the like. I have no clue what that costs.
The first shipment of wooden handles arrives next week so all the poor baggies with no handles will be completed and the website can go live. I don't expect to have a lot of sales right away, but it'll be neat to just have it out there.

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