Monday, November 01, 2004

OK, the time has come again when I need to make a list and prioritize the WIP's lest they bury me.
Actively Working On
1) Klaralund - I have one body section, one sleeve, and about 1/4 of another sleeve finished. YAY!
2) Schaefer Little Lola self-argyle scarf - I really need to get a pic of this to show you or you're not going to believe it. Crazy stuff, and keeping me entertained as I wait for the point where it quits self-argyling and ruins the project. so far so good though.
On The Back Burner
3) Dr. Who Scarf - I'm starting this thing over properly. The curling is driving me mad... Chris, you'll get this some day I swear...maybe sooner ... maybe later.
4) K1C2 Meringue Shawl - Work has pretty much totally stopped on this thing. Will likely resume next summer as it's not too cozy on the lap.
5) Seed Stitch Noro Scarf - I need to finish this thing before xmas so it's likely to be moved up as soon as I finish Klaralund.
6) Big Bad Baby Blanket for the Moose Baby - I started it then put it down and havent touched it since. Baby is due in late March.
Frogged & Forgotten
7) The feather & fan baby doll blanket I was going to make for Rockett... I got a better idea so it's history.
8) Poncho I'd started for myself out of Cash Iroha and Recycled Silk. - I don't think I have enough silk to finish it so it's undone now. Maybe I'll make a hat and scarf instead.
9) Koigu Gypsy Shawl - I don't have the patience for it right now. Maybe after xmas.
Need To Start Soon
10) Cheap But Fabulous Throw - my cheapo version of an abfab throw for my sister for her birthday in Jan.
11) Three or four hats for various people...these will go quickly.

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