Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cheap-Fab Throw Progress

I got a good start on one of the xmas scarves, (Though I'm tempted to keep it since it matches the lining of my favorite coat) and made it up through the first two color sections on Cheap-Fab. I decided to cast on 146 instead of 126, (8 18 stitch pattern repeats plus a single knit stitch boarder on each end) then I did six rows garter stitch in color #1, then one 4-row pattern section in color #2. I read over the pattern for the Ab-Fab Poncho, and if that is essentially the same as the throw pattern, then I feel pretty safe that I'm not stepping on their copyright if I publish the cheap-fab pattern and yarn requirements here since it's a different, tighter wavy type stitch they use. I'll probably post it all once the project is finished and put that it was inspired by the Ab-Fab Throw. Opinions? Do you think the copyright police could get me for this?

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luvs2knit said...

I don't think you are. Just to give you some background information. I would like to teach a class using 2 rectangles like the one that Sally Melville in "The knitting Experience". However, I am putting cables and using stockinette for the background. I asked several of my knitting friends and they informed me that I am not infringing on copywrite laws. So, I hope that answered your question.