Tuesday, November 09, 2004

OK, I lied. No pictures yet. I took some ...then the camera batteries died and I don't have any replacments till I go to the store tonight. I got pics of the barf scarf, klaralund, and the sadly no longer self-argyling scarf though. Just you wait and see....
I'm trying to start getting organized for the new year already. Part of this organization is that I want to move the yarn stash from it's current home in the built in cabinets of the den to the sewing/spinning room closet. I want it all out where I can see it in some nice little cube thingers like yarn store shelving. The only trouble is finding said shelving cubes. I've looked at walmart, k-mart, target, and the dollar general store. I've come up empty handed at every turn. Where do they sell that stuff??

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