Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Gift Knitting

I'm so proud of Husband Boy!
Last night, with no complaining or nagging from me What So EVER (I was passed out on the couch having only slept three hours the night before due to the stash organization frenzy) he sewed up one of the knitting bags he cut out like two months ago. He claims it took him an hour and a half due to some unforseen bobbin business. Soon he'll hopefully make some more so we can get busy with the selling.
YAY! So I now have a project bag to keep the cheap but still fabulous throw in as I work on it. I'm going to cast on for it tonight at SNB. All the yarn is in labeled bags living in my Disgruntled Housewife grocery tote, but that thing is too big to take out in public suffed to the gills with cheap acrylic afghan yarn.(It'd make the baby jesus cry.) Maybe as the afghan itself grows and the yarn balls shrink there will be a swapping of totes.
This thing is going to be Cast on 126 stitches with size 11 needles then feather and fan it switching yarn every four rows. I have no idea if that is what the Colinette Ab-Fab throw pattern is, but I figure it'll turn out looking pretty close to the same and my sister will never know the difference anyway...she'll just think it looks nifty. Don't expect much quick progress on this yet though.
1 hat for Kelton
1 poncho for Julia
1 poncho for Annabelle
1 hat for Husband Boy
1 scarf for Ian's Dad
1 scarf for Ian's Stepmom
1 scarf for Ian's Uncle Paul
1 scarf for Ian's Aunt Heather

So I'm starting in on the scarves tonight too...Rowan Polar is my new best friend...I'm having it's babies.

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