Monday, November 08, 2004

This is what karma does to me for mentioning that Schaefer Little Lola self-argyling scarf...yep, it immediately took a turn for the worse and stopped self-argyling. I think it was because I switched from bamboo straight needles to addi circulars. I thought about frogging it back to the row where the switch took place and then doing a few rows again with the straights to see what happens, but this thing has already been frogged twice and my patience is thin so feh. It has been banned to the bottom of the knitting bag until further notice.
So, I now have half of my second Klaralund sleeve (the klaralunding just never ends around here does it?) and 3/4 of what Steve and Ian are calling my "barf scarf". The barf scarf is thusly named because they feel the blend of Lion Brand Landscapes and Paton's Divine I'm using is the exact color of most vomit. It's kind of a beige with flecks of pink, blue, and brown. They do have a point, but oh well... I like my barf scarf and will wear it with pride when the winds turn chilly. So there.
Pictures to come later tonight...stay tuned.

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