Friday, November 12, 2004


Here is a closeup of the "barf scarf" so you can see the colors. It's a pretty boring plain scarf other than the barf-like coloring.

Klaralund progress! It's almost a sweater...yay!

The sadly no longer self-argyling Little Lola scarf...sniff sniff... :(
You can see there at the top where it stopped behaving.

The colorway for my Cheap But Still Fabulous Throw. This cost $37 total and is all machine washable. That's crazy important for my sister (the intended recipient) who lives in a trailer in Oklahoma with three children, a dog, two cats, and a husband who works with mechanical things and is often greasy.

Damn, I hope she doesn't see this.

Miss Kitty Fantastico is bored now...


Anonymous said...

woohoo, home stretch for klara!

Candyce said...

I like the barfy scarf!

The Klaralund is looking good. The color in pic is way brighter than it is in person (on my monitor, anyway).

Are you sure that the Little Lola scarf is not going to keep argyling? It doesn't look like it is completely ruined yet.

Lauren said...

Barf-Scarf--too funny. I actually think the colors are quite pretty... oh well!

The progress on Klaralund is great. It is such a neat sweater. Can't wait to see the finished object. Good luck! :)