Saturday, November 27, 2004

WIP Update Pics

The Irish Hiking Scarf done in Filati Cervinia 100% Italian Acrylic (very smooshy, very soft..wouldn't think it was Acrylic at all until you get it in just the right lighting conditions and it sparkles, which to me isn't a bad thing)

Closeup of the cables:

The Cheap-Fab Throw...not much progress going on here this week, but a few rows were added. This pic shows the detail better than the last one I posted:

Smooooshy Rowan Polar scarf detail..It's about a foot and a half long at this point. It kind of bores me because it's just garter stitch and it annoys me because I have to watch out or the yarn splits it has so little twist to it, but I still want to have it's babies:

I've been alternating between these three projects all week when I had the time to knit. There has been far less time for that than I thought there would be between cleaning and family obligations and me being sick part of the time. There has been a wee-teensy bit of spinning going on, but nothing to speak of. I'm mostly focused on getting all this X-Mas knitting done in time for the holiday.

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