Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Holy Crap! It's Almost X-Mas!

Scarf Hell continues, but you may get a photo-update tonight when I get home from SNB. The end is in sight for the drop stitch ribbon scarf and the multidirectional scarf! I'm starting to feel doubtfull that I'll get the others finished in time. Fortunately those people have birthdays in Feb. and March, so they can just get birthday scarves instead of xmas scarves if it comes right down to the wire and I'm still not done with them.
I have 7 extra people spending the night at my house xmas eve so along with all the scarf knitting I have to fit in house cleaning and stock up on food etc. These people are my Son's family. (his Dad, Stepmom, little Sister, Grandparents, Uncle, and pregnant Aunt who's vegan and also allergic to wheat & peanuts) We love them to bits, but I get a min-stress meltdown in the week or so leading up to their annual xmas visit. I like them to think my house is always clean and always smells this good...the cat box is always scooped daily, and of course the boy always keeps his clothes hung neatly in the closet. To maintain this illusion I have to start cleaning a week ahead of time and yell at everyone daily to make sure they don't mess it up again before the visit starts. Of course once they're gone we can relax and throw our clothes in a pile on the floor, forget to scoop the cat box till it gets stinky, and have dirty dishes in the sink again...shhh!

In other news, I signed up for the
over at Eklectika! which doesn't start till Feb. so I figure that gives me plenty of time to finish Klaralund. I've already ordered my Paton's Classic Merino in black and I'm on the lookout for a double direction zipper...you know, the kind with two pulls that you can unzip from the top and bottom and have it still closed in the middle...those suckers are hard to find in anything but super long lengths around here. The pattern calls for an 18in zipper, but I plan on making my Mariah a bit longer so I'm looking for a 20 or 22in. zipper. Any help in this quest is appreciated.

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