Friday, December 03, 2004

Husband Boy (HB) has a really annoying habit of still calling the house we live in, (which we picked out together last year at this time and which is in my name alone for tax reasons) "your house" and "your place". Nevermind that his laundry is done there, he eats 75% of his meals there, and a good lot of his weird camping stuff is cluttering up my yarn stash/spinning & sewing room. Nevermind we've been married for going on 5 months. He knows this irks me, and yet he continues to do it.
Witness this email exchange:

HB - I am getting ready to walk out the door now...should be at your place around 6....
Me - geeee thanks. ok.
HB - What is the geeee thanks for?????
Me - Its for the "your place". pthhhh!
HB - Oh... I will be at the yarn store around 6.... hehehe
Me - Ohh haha you're so I'd sell any of that yarn. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Meanwhile Ian is the bestest Son ever! He had an assignment from school last night to make this weird totem pole thingie out of a paper towel tube showing activities he does with his family. He included knitting, "Because you knit things and I wear them so that counts as a family activity." Awwwww...I just hope his teacher will buy that and not ask him to demonstrate his nonexistant knitting skills.

I'm still working on the scarves of doom. They still aren't finished. I'll work on them tomorrow and then post progress pics on Sunday. I have this nice idea that I'm going to get to practice spinning this weekend too, but there are lots of chores to be done and shopping for Ian a nice outfit for his xmas band concert on Tuesday to do. Plus I have those damn scarves hanging over my head so it may be wishfull thinking. We'll see.

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