Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm Still In Scarf Hell

Sorry there were no progress pics. Not much progress to report. I did a few rows on the drop stitch ribbon scarf, a couple of repeats of the cables on the Irish Hiking Scarf, and maybe an inch or two each on the other two. I did start and get about a foot and a half done on a Multidirectional Scarf in Silk Garden 211 though. I'm thinking its for my Son's Stepmom, but it might be for his Grandma. We just have to wait and see which one it looks more like when it's finished. One will get this and one will get the smooshy Rowan Polar scarf.
I have to miss my weekly Stitch N Bitch today because I'll be knitting my way through a PTA meeting and Ian's 7th grade beginning band Xmas concert. Ian plays Trombone. We're video taping it because his other Parents and Grandparents etc. couldn't come...they'll have to watch it when they show up X-mas Eve. Husband Boy is running the video camera.
I know Scarf Hell is really super boring to read about, but just hang in there. I hope to be finished really soon, and then we have finishing up Klaralund, the rest of Cheap-Fab, Secret Pals 4 starting in January, Another wack at the Koigu Gypsy Shawl, the Koigu Keepsake Shawl, more time to practice spinning, and goodness knows what else to look forward to.

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