Thursday, December 23, 2004

No More Scarf Hell!

The scarves are finished. yay! Scarf #1 is a Multidirectional Scarf done in Silk Garden #211. Scarf #2 is a Drop Stitch Scarf done in black Trendsetter Segue. They will soon be living with my son's Stepmom and Aunt.
The Irish Hiking Scarf and the Seed Stitch Keuryon scarf are now going to be birthday scarves so they no longer need to be done by tomorrow. They are both also near completion, but oh well. Next year the xmas knitting starts in July...I swear.

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Anonymous said...

I love those Multidirectional scarves done in fancy Noro. Someday I will make it to the quality yarn store and buy myself some silk garden and some Kureyon to finish the one I already started. That's me though. This is a comment about your knitting which looks great!

A link to more fun with Noro Silk Garden pattern you may or may not have scene.Oh... and scarves are fun. No such thing as scarf hell heh.

- obscurek who's going to break down and get a blogger account just to comment on your knitting feed one of these days.