Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Holiday Junk
Isn't this a cute gift idea? I found it while doing online xmas shopping for other things. I wonder what the yarn is like. If I can find one of these locally so that I can check out the book this just might be what a couple of kids I know are getting for xmas.
Speaking of xmas, I'm still knitting away on the scarves that won't end. I'm kind of sick of scarves at this point, but they are all at least 1/4 done or better after a weekish of work and I've got three more weeks to go so I figure if I mostly knit on at least one weekend I should be ok right? sure!

Your Advice Please...
I have decided that in 2005 I am going to go to at least one knitting/spinning retreat or big market thing or festival of some sort. I just can't figure out which one. I'd love to go to Rhinebeck, but that's out of the question since I have reservations that weekend to stay somewhere which had to be made a year in advance (no kidding!) so I can't cancel that. I don't get vacation days till after June 24th so that also makes things a little tough since I can't go to anything that happens before that date. (The Estes Park Wool Market is the weekend BEFORE that grrrr.)
So, what can I go to that happens after June 24th, is in the continental US, can be counted on to be worth my while, etc.? I'm interested in classes on things like dying, fiber prep, knitting math, felting, lace knitting, and stuff that will help improve my as yet not so hot spinning skills. Any ideas?

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Jenifer said...

Hi there Elabeth ...

Not that I've ever been there, but I think that the Taos Festival would be a nice one to go to! Also, there's a retreat at Peaceful Valley in the mountains near Lyons, CO, that you could make (look in the back of knitting mags for info)-- maybe you could climb that mountain, too, while you're at it! :)

Jenifer in CO --