Monday, December 27, 2004

Xmas Recap

I ended up with only 4 extra people staying at the house for the holiday weekend instead of the 7 I was expecting. Ian's Dad, Stepmom, and Sister got stuck in St. Louis due to the Stepmom being sick and the Dad throwing his back out lifting heavy things at the book store he manages. The Grandparents took their gifts and will drop them off soon so I won't know how she likes the multidirectional scarf till later I suppose. The Aunt seemed to like her scarf, and she also liked the Batman alarm clock that Ian picked out to go with it. lol
One of my best gifts was a Gnomad gnome from Husband Boy. I named him Angus McYarn and he wants to travel around meeting other knit bloggers, visiting LYS's and in the summer he's going to Colorado with me. I will update his page with some pics as soon as I take him anywhere interesting. I also got lots of goodies from Candy and some nice cash plus a steak dinner from the pseudo-in-laws.
There was enough sitting around talking time over the weekend that I was able to knit an entire beanie hat save for sewing up the back seam. The hat is for a guy I work with who constantly comments on the black roll-brim Lamb's Pride Bulky hat I wear. He's always going on about how nice it is so I figured he could have his own but with a ribbed band so it looks more manly. I also started back to work on Klaralund and managed another two inches of sleeve before a weird stitch forced me to rip back three rows and I said to hell with it.
Yesterday after everyone left Husband Boy and I went to see The Aviator. The movie is about three hours long, but totally doesn't feel like paced and entertaining enough that you don't even notice the time. I really liked it even though I'm not a big fan of any of the main actors. I brought the smooshy Rowan Polar scarf to work on just in case the movie sucked, but never even took it out of the bag.
The plan now is to work on Klaralund and a super secret pink Cashmerino project all this week and then switch over to working nearly full time on the cheap-fab throw after the 1st so that it will be ready to gift by the 25th. Wish me luck on that. haha.
Oh, I also got 12 skeins (48oz at 800 yards per pound = 2400 yards) of worsted weight hemp & merino wool almost black yarn I'd bought off of ebay in the mail on Friday. The color is "licorice" and it's just ever so slightly mottled. I loooove it, but it doesn't photograph well. I'll try again tonight so you can see it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at the Gnomad gnome~ how funny. I can't wait to see where he travels.
Thanks for your comment. I love the idea of putting up the decorations on the 24th and taking them down the 26th. The problem with us is that I have soooo much Christmas crap that it takes a week to get everything set up. Ridiculous, I know. :)