Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm going to Dallas July 2nd to drop my son off with his Dad for his summer visit. They live in San Antonio, and Dallas is pretty well the halfway point for dropping offing. The big plan is to drop him off then go to a place called White Rock Weaving Center. A nice lady there named Anne has put aside three new bobbins for the Louet and they've got my name on them. The bobbins that came with it are the old style two-speed, and they really only go 1 speed since the flyer is the same diameter as the fat side of the bobbins, and even though people are telling me to just jam it in there I don't think they know what they're talking about. It is still faster than the Babe can go, but I want more options dammit.
In knitting news, I've decided I'm going to hurry up and finish Klaralund even though the heat indexes lately are over 100F and no way will I be able to wear it till at least November. I want to start another sweater, but I just can't till that one is finished. I have 8 projects already. I don't want to add another one to the pile until I finish at least one similar item. Mostly I've got scarves (3) and socks (2) the 1 sweater, a poncho, and the throw. Oh and the fringe still needs added to the shawl. ugh. I need to update my WIP list in the sidebar over there.
I've been pretty good about not buying more yarn, but I did get three bags of Cotton Ease in blue yesterday from that Tuesday Morning store. It was $2 a ball. Don't tell me you could have walked away, cause I know you couldn't have either. 

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