Thursday, June 16, 2005

Are You On Drugs?

Have I mentioned I love the new spinning wheel? The rest of the grease boogers washed out of the yarn just fine and it is super great now. Even though I was all drugged up on migraine meds when I made it, this is the most consistant and least slubby yarn I've spun. I think I'm going to try to finish up the stinky wool tonight so I can get on with dying it and knitting it up.
The kool-aid dyed stuff is all pre-drafted and ready to go so that will be up next. When I brought it home from SNB last night I left it unattended for just a minute and the cats tried to run off with two little buns of the purple. I chased them down, took it back, and wiped the cat spit off it. I guess I will have to watch them closer when there is grape-tastey koolaid wool laying around.
Stitch N Bitch was way fun. Sarah  brought a really wacky lady named Tricia that she met at the book store who wanted to crochet a baby blanket. Tricia had three GIANT skeins of yarn, a hook she kept calling her needle, and just loads of excitement and energy. At one point I asked her if she was on drugs she was freaking out and jumping around so much. Maybe that is why new people sometimes don't come back, but damn I couldn't help it. The woman had the energy of ten small yappy dogs and three skeins of yarn each bigger than her head. I kind of hope she comes back, but we should for sure not let her get any caffeinated beverages. haha
We also met some really nice older ladies who have a knitting group that meets Monday mornings at the local Cancer Support House. One lady brought in a really awesome afghan pannel she had in her car that was a sampler of different aran sweater cables and bobbles and honeycomb stuff to show us. She said that they have a fall weekend retreat they do in November at the Sky-Vue Lodge, which is a nifty travel court type place built in the 1940's or 50's. It's only $55 for the weekend and its across from the folk center where the regional spinning guild meets. She's supposed to let us know when they have this year's date.
My only other semi-knitting news is that I scored a copy of Loop-D-Loop for $12 because it has a ripped dust jacket. Wheee!

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